Our Story

We are Justin and Katie, a husband and wife team, from Central PA. Over the past decade, through a variety of circumstances, our love for Uganda has become part of who we are.


In 2009, God lead us into the adoption of our son, Arnold. He was five years old, and the time, our only connection to Uganda. 


To our delight and excitement, Justin was given the opportunity to be part of a team from our church to travel to Uganda to explore opportunities to work with churches in rural communities near Kampala. During that time his love for Uganda grew and his eyes and heart were opened to the daily hardships that people living in Ugandan villages face each day. This trip became the first of many of its kind.


While brainstorming ways to give back, one of our Ugandan friends suggested that we might try selling their coffee. He explained that they grow delicious coffee but most of it is exported to Europe or Australia. We were interested and after sampling the coffee, decided to move forward. We felt like we had found something special. In 2017, East Africa Coffee Co. was born! 


As our business has grown, we have also continued to learn and grow. This small business has given us opportunities we would have never imagined and has helped us to understand that the best thing we can give to people is the hope of the gospel. We love the relationships that we have formed, and pray that God will be honored in them. We continue to give back and have been so blessed by seeing lives forever changed, and by the tremendous support of our customers.