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Our Story

We are Justin and Katie, a husband and wife team, from Central PA. Over the past decade, through a variety of circumstances, our love for Uganda has become part of who we are.


In 2009, God lead us into the adoption of our son, Arnold. He was five years old. At the time, he was our only connection to Uganda. I was unable to travel, due to my pregnancy with our fourth child. We had hoped to return, but didn't know when or how. 


In 2016, God brought the opportunity for Justin to travel with a small group of men as an elder at our church. They went to explore the option of partnering with two pastors there who are leading a church, and a church plant. We were so excited that God seemed to be calling our church to the very country where our son was born! The trip was a huge success, and the men came back knowing that God had brought our church families together for His purposes. 
In October of that year, three of the men in leadership from the Ugandan churches came to visit. We were so honored to have them stay at our house. Over the time that they were with us, we built close friendships with each one of them and enjoyed our evenings together, talking and drinking coffee and tea.  It was during these discussions that we started to brainstorm business ideas!
In December, the pastors' families came to Pennsylvania. (Moses and Veronica, and Peter and Joeline) While they didn't stay with us, we enjoyed every minute that we were able to spend with them. They felt like family. 


When Justin was given the chance to return to Uganda this April with our pastor, he asked if I would be able to join them. It felt like I had waited for so long, but looking back on it, I can't believe I was given the opportunity so quickly!
The trip was filled with every kind of emotion, but mostly joy. We were welcomed so warmly, and I was so glad to be there. We stayed with Pastor Peter and his family and were blessed by our time with them. Joeline did all that she could to make us feel at home. It was so good to reconnect with our friends. We were even able to visit the orphange where our son lived, and thank those who cared for him. I came back home with my heart full, of love for Uganda and the people I had met there. The trip was all that I hoped it would be. 
One thing that we have been so amazed by is how much the people we know in Uganda are pouring into others, in significant ways. Upon seeing the needs and dreaming up ways we could give back, the idea of selling coffee in the US was presented by one of our Ugandan friends, Joseph! We loved the idea immediately, and after receiving a 20 pound batch of coffee to roast and sample, we loved it even more! We were delighted to find that Uganda grows absolutely delicious coffee beans! We made the decision to give back one dollar for each pound of coffee that we sell. Our goal is to be able to help support our pastor friends in their ministries and the various things they are doing to spread hope and the gospel in Uganda!